Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Recap

Shit. It's been over a month since I've written a blog. I feel ashamed and a bit like my blog is that sad fern in the corner of the room that I've forgotten to water...for a month. The metaphorical shriveled leaves are staring me down and making me feel like complete crap. They could teach my mom a thing or two about a good guilt trip - and that's saying something!

So, to begin my mia culpa, I'll start by saying sorry and offering a feeble excuse. I started a new job (you know, the one that helps pay the bills?) and it's kicking my ass in a really good way. I'm slammed 8 to 5, and by the time I get home, I'm usually too gassed to do much of anything besides eat dinner and hang with my kiddo and man. I've been meaning to blog more, but starting to post after a lengthy break is a lot like jumping on the treadmill after a long time. The first session is always the hardest.

What's new in my writing world? Not much which kind of sucks. I was planning on NaNo this year, but just couldn't get my ducks in a row in time. I was hoping to give it the college try next month instead; however, that's looking doubtful too. My current WIP is sitting half finished in the corner and also giving me the stink eye next to the blog and metaphorical fern. I generally avoid that corner of the room with the judgement trifecta.

Well, at least my followers know I'm not dead and that counts for something, right? *crickets* RIGHT?!?