Friday, March 30, 2012

Fixation Friday: Hunger Games (Soundtrack)

What's this? A regular segment? Maybe. I'll give it a go for a while and see what becomes of it.

Right now, I am stalking The Hunger Games Songs from District 12 and Beyond. It is soooo good. I usually like soundtracks, but this one is a bit different. None of the (awesome) songs are in the movie. Fact: there was no music that had any lyrics in the actual film. But this, like many soundtracks, really captures the feel of the film and District 12 in particular. It's beautiful and haunting and kind of stripped down. I highly encourage everyone to take a listen or pick the album up.

My faves:
  • Both songs by The Civil Wars (they're so amazing it hurts)
  • Daughter's Lament by The Carolina Chocolate Drops
  • One Engine by The Decemberists (who I normally don't love)
  • Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire (who I also don't normally love)
I bring up both The Decemberists and Arcade Fire especially because they're not my favorite bands. Ordinarily, their music is a bit too dark for me. But I guess that's what makes them so perfect for this album; they both share the ability to take feelings of loneliness or desperation and make them have a sound. Even if it isn't always for me, I respect their ability to evoke the sometimes indescribable.

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