Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: The Demon King (A Seven Realms Book)

 The Demon King is book #1 in  Cinda Williams Chima's Seven Realms series. I picked up this book for several reasons: 1) High fantasy fun! 2) YA high fantasy fun! 3) Highly recommended YA high fantasy fun!

The Demon King follows two teenage narrators leading very different lives - Han Alister a.k.a. Hunts Alone a.k.a Cuffs Allister and Princess Raisa ana’Marianna a.k.a. heir to the Gray Wolf throne of the Fells. 

Han is a reformed street lord trying to go straight to support his mother and sister. His old ways haunt him as he navigates murder and betrayal on the streets of Fellsmarch and the complex nature of upland Clans. 

The princess's days are centered on parties, lavish dinners, and the problems of her coming of age and the suitors that entails. But, her glittery world is cracking with tension from southern wars, the growing influence of a certain wizarding family, and her own weak mother's reign as queen. Luckily for Raisa, she has some reliable confidants who show here that her charmed life is a glossy veneer over her troubled queendom.

Fair warning to flouncers, this is a slow start. Personally, I hate to ditch a book and rarely do so. However, between work, family, friends, and writing, my available reading time is pretty slim. I did consider walking away from The Demon King after the first hundred pages. I was intrigued by the world building, but wasn't captured by the characters and plot. I gave it another hundred pages to win me over and I'm so glad I did. The second half of the book flies by in a whirlwind of court intrigue, secrets revealed, and a hefty conflict set-up for the next book.

There are four books in the series with the final installment scheduled for release this fall. I've already got the second book on hold and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey through the Seven Realms.

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