Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: Clockwork Prince

I know I said that I was done blogging until after Christmas, but I really wanted to get this one out before I lost it!

I usually don't "review" books, but I read quite a bit and love to share my opinions on everything. I had the stomach flu last week and while I was laying miserably on the couch, I decided to catch up on my reading. Luckily for me, Clockwork Prince had just come out. So I spent one entire day lost in the Shadow Hunting world of Cassandra Clare.

For those unfamiliar with this awesome, Clare's The Mortal Instruments series delves into the world of Shadow Hunters, a race of people sworn to protect the world from demons. It a fantastic series that draws from a beautifully constructed and intricately woven story world tapestry. If you're into fantasy and appreciate great worldbuilding, you probably have already read Clare's work. If by chance you live under a rock with no access to a computer, Amazon, or Goodreads, well now you have something to read. But I digress. The Infernal Devices is a prequel series to The Mortal Instruments. It takes place in Victorian England and is fabulously Steampunky (see definition link below if you don't know what Steampunk is). The first in the series, Clockwork Angel, introduced us to Tessa Gray, an orphaned American teenager come to England to reunite with her older brother. Tessa's situation quickly deteriorates as she discovers things about herself and her family that she never knew possible and is introduced into the world of the Shadow Hunters and the mercurial (but devastatingly handsome and charming) Will Herondale and his best friend the kind and gentle Jem Carstairs.

The recently released Clockwork Prince picks up where the first book left off and we gain more insight into what Tessa is and completely develop the love triangle that was only hinted at in the first book. Readers get a better look into the secret world of the Shadow Hunters and develop a better relationship with the minor characters who are as delightful and well drawn and the primary ones. It is packed with demon hunting fun, Victorian intrigue, and a good bit of tortured teen romance. I love this series and am waiting with breath that is bated for the third installment next year.

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