Monday, December 5, 2011

Memory Lane

I recently read an article by Laura Pritchett of the Denver lifestyle magazine 5280. I generally like 5280. I enjoy reading about the happenings of the city where I live and they always have great restaurant recommendations (I fancy myself a foodie, so they're my go to resource). Upon reading this article, I was posed with an interesting opinion on mementos and keepsakes. The author declared herself unsentimental, but would, on occasion, find herself strolling down memory lane. So the article begged the question, is there value living in the past when you could miss your own present? (How Carrie Bradshaw did I just sound?!)

I wouldn't consider myself an unsentimental person, but I am a far cry from my own mother who holds on to everything from years and years ago. I get the value in keepsakes. I keep a lot of things from really important events - wedding invitations, the program from my college graduation, pressed flowers from a special bouquet, etc. But for the most part, I'm not much of a keepsake keeper. I usually don't want a tchotchke to help me remember, I want something that will actually help me remember, like a photo. I love taking pictures. I snap pics of beautiful sunsets or moments of my husband and son. I take random pictures at dinners and lunches because I couldn't bear the idea of losing a memory from that particular event. 

I disagreed with some of the points Ms. Pritchett made about the value in looking back. I understand you can't spend too much time in the past, but the moments in our lives that are special are because they're worth remembering. You can't have one without the other. Dwell on them? Not so much. Cherish them because they represent a moment in time when there was something special happening? Always.

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